The flying castle and the carrot cake

Dingdong, and the Flying Castle was flying up in the air, with his Lady of the manor, the mouse princess. They turned towards the all hiding woods, which was exactly towards north-east. The sun was just rising, and they would have loved to have had a bit of rest, when the Lady of the manor, the mouse princess noticed some dark smoke above the woods, and immediately alerted the castle to fly above, and see what it could possibly be. They decided to land smoothly on the pretty field, next to a sweet little cottage. And indeed next to that small cottage was a red furnace, and a small rabbit was hopping around it in panic, dressed in an apron.

Oh dear, oh dear, it is all burned!” she was crying, while jumping up and down.

Sweet little rabbit, what has happened here?” asked the mouse princess quietly.

repülő kastély_0005

I wanted to bake a carrot cake” the tiny rabbit sniffed, “because I am expecting my dear friends for dinner tonight, but as you can see, it has all been burned, and I have no idea how I will have time to make another one, as I have so many other things to do until they arrive.”

Don’t worry,” the mouse princess smiled, and winked to the flying castle, “we shall be more than happy to help making you another one, while you attend to the other important things. Just get along with it, while we go and pick the carrots in your garden.”

repülő kastély_0006

Oh, you really are too kind, I don’t know how to make it up to you, but maybe I can invite you to the happy feast tonight, would you care to stay perhaps?” the little rabbit asked somewhat quietly, as he was not sure if it befits to invite such grand company so simply to a dinner party.

We would be delighted to stay tonight” the mouse princess cried out in unison with the flying castle while looking at each other, and bursted out laughing, while they ran along to the vegetable garden, not to be late with the carrot cake baking.

Within an hour, the new fabulous cake was already on the table, and not a minute to early, as they looked up in the sky, just to glimpse the spotty air balloon arriving with the most splendid dear friends of the little rabbit, to the evening of fun. They had a lovely time indeed, dancing, singing and chatting all night long.


Sadly all thing come to an end, and the new friends had to say goodbye at midnight, because they were all very very tired after an evening of a lot of fun and games. So, the diamond bells rang silently in the night, and before they took off in the violet sky, they decided to meet up soon again for an evening of fun, and joy.

repülő kastély_0007


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