The flying castle and the pirate ship

Dingdong, and the flying castle landed on the sky blue waves. Since it was an extremely hot summer, the castle and the mouse princess had decided to spend some holiday time on the sea. Therefore they took off, and flew to the North Sea.

”My dear sweet castle, why don’t you sunbathe while I go inside and make us some raspberry lemonade and our favorite ginger vanilla ice cream.”

The tiny mouse princess ran down to the kitchen, and was just putting the ice cream in the freezer to cool, as she suddenly became aware of some unusual noise outside. She quickly looked out the window, and to her horror noticed a ship full of mean pirates approach her beloved castle ship.

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”Quick, quick my sweet little princess, we have to hide our precious jewels, and silver spoons immediately, because these mean pirates will board the ship any minute now,” the castle hurried to say.

So he quickly closed his windows, and the great door, while the tiny lady of the manor continued to the ballroom with the jewels, and very cleverly hid them in a great bronze chest, and threw a golden colored cloth over it. She quickly placed some golden plates and crystal glasses on top of it, because the pirate ship was getting closer and closer any second now, and ran to get the lemonade and the ice cream, as if she was just sitting down for some afternoon tea. And indeed she did sit down, and started dingling her legs absently, while sipping her lemonade.

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Suddenly a mean pirate jumped through the window, and started flailing with his silver sword towards the mouse princess. Our heroine watched him patiently, as he danced around the whole ballroom with his sword, and asked him with incredible calmness in her voice.

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”A glass of lemonade perhaps if you please?”

Well, this was probably the last question the pirate had expected from her, so he suddenly looked up the ceiling with a helpless frown on his face. He flashed some uncertain moves with his sword, danced some tango steps, and finally sat down next to the tiny mouse princess.

”Don’t mind if I do really!” He exclaimed happily laughing at her, and jumped on the glass full of tasty raspberry lemonade.

”Like it?” Our heroine ventured to ask.

”I do indeed, so much so, that I shall return already tomorrow for another huge glass!” said the pirate boy happily, and placed a huge sloppy kiss on our princess’ blushing cheeks.

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Who, by the time she recovered from his kiss, saw her newly acquired friend already sailing away, cutting the foamy waves with his great ship. Then she noticed the sounds of the tiny diamond bells ringing, and they were off the sea, towards new exciting adventures.


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