Afternoon tea

Blanka made Flora some afternoon tea and cake as per follows:

The following cake from the below link was the base:

Blanka cut bread size pieces and added fresh organic strawberries cut in halves on top and sprinkled with organic forest honey.




Smoothie for Flora

1 organic banana

2 organic oranges peeled

1 organic kiwi unpeeled

1 handful of frozen organic strawberries

2 organic carrots peeled

1 cm fresh organic ginger peeled

1 organic apple unpeeled

3-4 leaves of fresh peppermint

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1 dl ( 100 ml ) organic plant based milk

fresh water to taste


Add fruits and vegetables that you have cut into pieces to mixer,  pour over plant based milk, and herbs.  Mix on turbo for 3 minutes.  Dilute with fresh water to taste.  Serve in tall glasses.

Excellent between meals for children!


The flying castle and the pirate ship

Dingdong, and the flying castle landed on the sky blue waves. Since it was an extremely hot summer, the castle and the mouse princess had decided to spend some holiday time on the sea. Therefore they took off, and flew to the North Sea.

”My dear sweet castle, why don’t you sunbathe while I go inside and make us some raspberry lemonade and our favorite ginger vanilla ice cream.”

The tiny mouse princess ran down to the kitchen, and was just putting the ice cream in the freezer to cool, as she suddenly became aware of some unusual noise outside. She quickly looked out the window, and to her horror noticed a ship full of mean pirates approach her beloved castle ship.

Featured image

”Quick, quick my sweet little princess, we have to hide our precious jewels, and silver spoons immediately, because these mean pirates will board the ship any minute now,” the castle hurried to say.

So he quickly closed his windows, and the great door, while the tiny lady of the manor continued to the ballroom with the jewels, and very cleverly hid them in a great bronze chest, and threw a golden colored cloth over it. She quickly placed some golden plates and crystal glasses on top of it, because the pirate ship was getting closer and closer any second now, and ran to get the lemonade and the ice cream, as if she was just sitting down for some afternoon tea. And indeed she did sit down, and started dingling her legs absently, while sipping her lemonade.

Featured image

Suddenly a mean pirate jumped through the window, and started flailing with his silver sword towards the mouse princess. Our heroine watched him patiently, as he danced around the whole ballroom with his sword, and asked him with incredible calmness in her voice.

Featured image

”A glass of lemonade perhaps if you please?”

Well, this was probably the last question the pirate had expected from her, so he suddenly looked up the ceiling with a helpless frown on his face. He flashed some uncertain moves with his sword, danced some tango steps, and finally sat down next to the tiny mouse princess.

”Don’t mind if I do really!” He exclaimed happily laughing at her, and jumped on the glass full of tasty raspberry lemonade.

”Like it?” Our heroine ventured to ask.

”I do indeed, so much so, that I shall return already tomorrow for another huge glass!” said the pirate boy happily, and placed a huge sloppy kiss on our princess’ blushing cheeks.

Featured image

Who, by the time she recovered from his kiss, saw her newly acquired friend already sailing away, cutting the foamy waves with his great ship. Then she noticed the sounds of the tiny diamond bells ringing, and they were off the sea, towards new exciting adventures.

We made some meatballs for lunch

1 onion chopped

2 cloves of garlic chopped

1 can of organic chopped tomatoes

1 tbsp. organic brown sugar

2 tbsp. of Balsamic Modena vinegar

100 ml. of water

1 handful of celery leaf greens ( this is the top of the celery which I usually freeze and use )

organic coconut butter/oil for frying

salt, black pepper, oregano and basil for seasoning

500 g of minced meat, made to small meatballs

any pasta of preference

Add coconut oil to pan, and add chopped onions and chopped garlic.  Season with sugar, it will caramelize and help the sourness of the tomatoes.  Fry golden brown, and add chopped tomatoes, balsamico vinegar, the water, celery greens and season immediately.  Let simmer for 2-3 minutes.  Add meatballs to sauce, cover and simmer on low for 20-25 minutes.  Meanwhile, boil water, add pinch of salt, and boil your pasta according to taste.

Add pasta to plate and pour over tomato sauce and meatballs.  Serve and enjoy!


Flora’s Sunday breakfast

Blanka made Flora some banana pancakes this morning:

1 organic banana

1 free range egg

1 tbs organic chia seeds

1 pinch Parajd salt ( see note in previous post )

1 pinch organic Bourbon vanilla sugar

Organic coconut oil for frying

Organic honey for dressing


If banana is not fully ripe, before you peel it, press it along the fruit, and it will be easier to mash.  Once you have done this, mash it in a bowl, add egg and dry ingredients and mix. Heat oil in pan, and again, make smaller pancakes approx. 3 at a time. Put on plate and drizzle honey over it.

Enjoy super yummie banana pancakes!


The flying castle and the carrot cake

Dingdong, and the Flying Castle was flying up in the air, with his Lady of the manor, the mouse princess. They turned towards the all hiding woods, which was exactly towards north-east. The sun was just rising, and they would have loved to have had a bit of rest, when the Lady of the manor, the mouse princess noticed some dark smoke above the woods, and immediately alerted the castle to fly above, and see what it could possibly be. They decided to land smoothly on the pretty field, next to a sweet little cottage. And indeed next to that small cottage was a red furnace, and a small rabbit was hopping around it in panic, dressed in an apron.

Oh dear, oh dear, it is all burned!” she was crying, while jumping up and down.

Sweet little rabbit, what has happened here?” asked the mouse princess quietly.

repülő kastély_0005

I wanted to bake a carrot cake” the tiny rabbit sniffed, “because I am expecting my dear friends for dinner tonight, but as you can see, it has all been burned, and I have no idea how I will have time to make another one, as I have so many other things to do until they arrive.”

Don’t worry,” the mouse princess smiled, and winked to the flying castle, “we shall be more than happy to help making you another one, while you attend to the other important things. Just get along with it, while we go and pick the carrots in your garden.”

repülő kastély_0006

Oh, you really are too kind, I don’t know how to make it up to you, but maybe I can invite you to the happy feast tonight, would you care to stay perhaps?” the little rabbit asked somewhat quietly, as he was not sure if it befits to invite such grand company so simply to a dinner party.

We would be delighted to stay tonight” the mouse princess cried out in unison with the flying castle while looking at each other, and bursted out laughing, while they ran along to the vegetable garden, not to be late with the carrot cake baking.

Within an hour, the new fabulous cake was already on the table, and not a minute to early, as they looked up in the sky, just to glimpse the spotty air balloon arriving with the most splendid dear friends of the little rabbit, to the evening of fun. They had a lovely time indeed, dancing, singing and chatting all night long.


Sadly all thing come to an end, and the new friends had to say goodbye at midnight, because they were all very very tired after an evening of a lot of fun and games. So, the diamond bells rang silently in the night, and before they took off in the violet sky, they decided to meet up soon again for an evening of fun, and joy.

repülő kastély_0007

What Flora had for breakfast this morning

This morning we had pancakes for breakfast.  Blanka made them according to this recipe:

2,5 dl ( approx. 1 cup ) organic flour

1 tsp. baking powder

2,5 dl almond/coconut milk

1 free range egg

1 tbsp. organic chia seeds

1 pinch organic bourbon vanilla sugar

1/2 grated organic apple

1 pinch of Parajd salt  ( this is mineral rich salt from the mines in Transylvania, equivalent to Himalayan pink salt in mineral richness )

Coconut oil for frying


Mix all ingredients with a whisk in a bowl, start with a smaller amount of liquid, to make it smooth.  Heat a frying pan, add coconut oil, and add small batches, approx. 3 smaller ones at a time.  Serve with organic strawberry jam.  

Enjoy this great breakfast for kids, which took you 10 minutes to prepare.