The flying castle finds it’s lady of the manor

Dingdong, and the castle took off. The small diamond bells started ringing, and the castle took off to the skies. He was flying against the strong winds, when suddenly he seemed to have heard some tiny voice from the grass below. He looked down, and on the flowery field he noticed a small glittering golden crown. He flew closer, because he was of a very curious nature, and gladly noticed, that a tiny mouse princess was waiving from the field. He quickly took the decision to carefully land on the ground next to the princess.

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And who are you, little princess?” he asked.

“Oh, dear dear castle, I am the homeless mouse princess.”

“Well, I say, I have never heard of anything like it”, said the castle fondly. “Are you seriously saying that you do not have a fabulous mouse castle?”

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Can you imagine, my old mouse king uncle lost it in a horrible card game of poker to the very devious white-blue striped cat not so long ago. It all happened very suddenly, when they sat down for an innocent card game, and fought for three days in a row. In the end, the very devious cat won the game, and since then we are left homeless to travel the world. You can imagine my delight, when I noticed you up in the sunny sky.”

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Dear dear sweet little princess, you would make me very happy and indeed honored, if you wanted to move in with me, because I am also rather lonely flying around in the skies all on my own, and I am sure, that we would have a most splendid time together, finding exciting adventures. Please come and jump inside, and take a seat at the small table here. I have just made some lovely hot chocolate with whipped cream, and a fruitcake, have a taste please.”

“Oh, thank you thank you so much, I am sure we will enjoy some fantastic adventures together!”

It took only a couple of minutes before the tiny diamond bells started ringing, announcing the takeoff to the skies. The mouse princess waved goodbye to her favorite flower field and her beloved birds, as they flew off together to great adventures.